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Looking for the document mentioned on page one - "Translated from a manuscript privately handed about at the court of Versailles." I believe this document exists because there simply wasn't time to write the book between the day Bonnie Prince Charlie departed Scotland for France (September 19th, 1746) and the date the book was published (William Faden [Printer], William Owen [Bookseller], and Ralph Griffiths [Author] were examined for seditious libel in January 1747 and this was after they had already distributed 1700 copies). We purchased a first edition1746 Smith version of Ascanius in November 2006. This is the original pamphlet supposedly written by Ralph Griffiths.

Find more details about the publisher of this version of the book and the date of publication. From the books advertised in the ends of the book it would appear to be T.A. Constable and between 1822-25. There is no reference to such an edition in any other collection i.e. at the British Library, in the MacBean collection at Aberdeen University, or in the New York public library. Furthermore, Worldcat lists no such edition. The closest match in the number of pages, publish date, and location is:

1822 - English Book 216 p. : ill. (port.) folded plans, plates ; 17 cm.
Glasgow : Printed by Khull, Blackie, & Co. and A. Fullarton & Co. Edinburgh.

According to Worldcat these locations have copies:


July 2010

Glenfinnan MonumentSuccessful visit to Isle of Skye (Kilmuir Cemetery, Galtrigil (Home of Donald Macleod, The Faithful Palinurus or Bonnie Prince Charlie's Pilot), Armadale and Dunvegan castle, Monkstadt House, and Portree), Forsay and Loch nan Uamh, Glenfinnan Monument, Clava Cairns, and the battlefield at Culloden Moor (pictures) which is managed by the National Trust for Scotland. This is the site of the last battle on British soil and the final defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie on 16th April 1746. This site has a very powerful aura about it and well worth a visit by anyone.

We also visited the Prestonpans Tapestry at Arisaig House and the Jacobite Express at Mallaig.

Unspecified date

Visit to Europe to follow trail of Stuart Court at Versailles, Avignon, Bologna, Florence, and Rome where Charles Stuart died on 31 January 1788. Charles' remains were moved in 1807 to the crypt of Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican where they were laid to rest next to those of his brother and father.

Prince Charles Edward Stuart 1776

It took until 1783 before Stuart legitimised his daughter Charlotte (born 1753 by his mistress Clementina Walkinshaw), named her as his rightful heir and granted her the titles "The Duchess of Albany" and "Her Royal Highness". Shortly afterwards she came to live with her father in Florence and remained with him until he died.

Charlotte never set foot in Scotland and died, in 1789, in Bologna (Italy). In 1948 Henrietta Tayler showed that Charlotte had three children; and recently it was shown one of whom may have descendants alive in Poland today. See The Stuarts' Last Secret by Peter Pininski.

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