Stuart of Bute Tartan  
Bestselling book of the 18th and 19th centuries

Itinerary of Prince Charles Edward Stuart

Ford of Frew

Ever wonder where the Ford of Frew was? You can still see the remains of the trail heading south from the ford. There are more details on the Old Roads of Scotland site and the Ordnance Gazeteer of Scotland.

Ford of Frew

Scottish place names

Ever wonder where those unpronounceable Scottish places are? How would you walk between Meallan Odhar and Glen Affric? Get Google Earth and click on the image below.

Wandering of Bonnie Prince Charlie


This and many other answers can be found by reading the Itinerary of Prince Charles Edward Stuart from his landing in Scotland July 1745 to his departure in September 1746. By Robert Forbes, Walter Biggar Blaikie (WBB). Also by WBB is Origins of the 'Forty-Five. The latest transcriptions are The Lyon in Mourning Volume One,Two, and Three and the Memorials of John Murray of Broughton: sometime secretary to Prince Charles, NARRATIVE by JOHN LORD MACLEOD and David, Lord Elcho's A Short Account of the Affairs of Scotland in the years 1744, 1745, and 1746 (with maps [larger download]).




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