Historical Timeline  
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Historical Timeline

Our company was formed in 1996 to perform historical research. Since we were unable to find tools to accurately timeline the thousands of documents and references we had collected, we decided to build our own. The flagship product "Historical Timeline" is under development and is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2012 with International versions shortly thereafter.

Version française Christoph Clavius Opera Mathematica OK

Powerful Search Capabilities
Because of the size and quantity of physical and electronic (including images, sound samples, and digital documents) documents, and artifacts involved in historical research, it is important to our customers to be able to rapidly search through thousands of items. Our technology allows our customers to access large, scalable databases and return results in seconds.

Microsoft®: Our software makes extensive use of Microsoft products including Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 R1 and is written using Visual Studio® 2010 in C#.

Web ready
In order to empower users we will provide desktop as well as web-based tools to allow secure collaboration and customization through Sharepoint®. Customers will quickly load their databases with thousands of items using an intuitive drag-'n-drop interface.
Standards based

Historical events are recorded and located using Historical Event Markup and Linking (HEML) i.e.

<heml:Location rdf:about="http://www.heml.org/docs/samples/heml/2002-05-29/hume.xmlFRAGEdinburgh">

Which locates David Hume's statue in High Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.